RiteScreen Introduces New Screen Component Program with Unique “Insurance Policy”

RiteScreen has announced it is now marketing a broad range of screen assembly components to OEM window and patio door manufacturers as part of the “Trust Us to be Your Total Screen Solution” program. Including frame profiles, corner keys, spline, attachment hardware, and screen cloth, it enables manufacturers who choose to assemble some or all of their screens in house to single source a completely engineered and color matched screen design.

Chris Seebode, VP Sales, said, “We take great pride in our screen expertise. We felt it important to assist our customers in any way we can with their screen solutions, even if they are not yet ready to explore outsourcing their assembled screens to us”.

Seebode added, “Utilizing our pre-engineered components provides our customers with our unique “insurance policy”. Since we provide all the components, we can respond quickly to build exact assembled screens needed should our customers experience labor shortages, big swings in demand, or land that big project.  We are really excited about this new program to help our customers not worry about screens”.