Delivering Excellent Customer Service for 50 Years

To dedicate fifty years to anything you must love it!  That is most certainly the case with Sharon Sprauer, of the RiteScreen Company, who has been delighting customers since 1970.  Sharon happened into a job as a senior in high school when a local businessman contacted her school and they recommended Sharon.  Sharon joined MI/RiteScreen in 1970 and soon discovered that her new job included doing almost everything that needed to be done.  This included accounts receivable, order entry, payroll, tracking orders, customer service, purchasing, and quoting – to name a few.

Sharon has seen major changes over the years. For example, she said that when she started in 1970 and well into her tenure; there were no computers. She also explained that for many years she accomplished her job using an old typewriter with missing keys and a copy machine that was hand cranked and required the user to peel carbon paper from the actual piece of copy paper and hand-feed it into the machine. 

Sharon has many fond memories from her career in the fenestration industry. Sharon shared one of her funniest memories that involved getting stopped by the police on her way to the post office. “I was hurrying/speeding to get the mail to the post office before they closed,” explained Sharon.  “I was pulled over when the police officer asked for my license I was so nervous that I gave him my entire wallet.” 

The constant theme in Sharon Sprauer’s career has been pleasing her customers and her love for her co-workers.  When asked to share her secret for a long and happy career, Sharon said; “You have to love what you do to be happy. The people at RiteScreen are so caring and family oriented and that’s why I love this Company and my job so much!”  Everyone at RiteScreen feels the same about Sharon and we wish her all the best and appreciate her dedication and devotion as she continues her career journey at The RiteScreen Company.